The frame that blinds us


‘The frame that blinds us” is an exhibition project that I curated together with Katharina Swoboda. For this project nine artists - János Brückner/Khansa Humeidan (HU), Azahara Cerezo (ES), Marta Fišerová (CZ), Réka Lőrincz (HU), Marko Markovic/ Sandro Đukić/ Branko Cerovac (HR), Joe Joe Orangias (US), David Reumüller (AT), Kamen Stoyanov (BG), Katharina Swoboda (AT) – reflected on Judith Butler's publication "Frames of War" (2009) and the current refugee crisis that became urgent from 2015 onward. All artists, from different backgrounds and with different angles and approaches, created new works with which they respond to topics like framing, migration and refugees, (social) media and contemporary technology and participation.

‘The frame that blinds us’ was a constantly developing exhibition project that was presented in Budapest (HU) and Plovdiv (BG) in 2017. The project also consisted of a film program and performances.

Supported by:
-The Regional Government of Styria, Department of Culture in the framework of “Strategies for the Future – An Artistic Contribution to the Refugee Crisis”, a call for the allocation of transnational projects in the fields of art and culture 2016, Kultur Steiermark International
-The Federal Chancellery of Austria, Arts and Culture.
-Osztrák Kulturális Fórum - Österreichisches Kulturforum Budapest /The Austrian Cultural Forum Budapest .
-The Embassy of Canada, Budapest

Press: InEnArt, Artportal, Budapester Zeitung.