Nieuwe Vide’s Cineclub


I initiated the Nieuwe Vide Cineclub for art initiative Nieuwe Vide in Haarlem (NL). For its first edition, I asked inhabitants of Haarlem with a migration background (the participants originated from Iran, Syria, Afhanistan, Romania and the United States) to put together a film program with films about their country of origin or films that had had a big personal impact on their lifes. These films were shown during a film marathon day, together with videos they made themselves about a day in their lives in the Netherlands. The event also consisted of talks & discussions with curator Katayoun Arian (IR/NL) and artist Polina Medvedeva (RU/NL) and a meal.

Thanks to Bogdan Andrei Bordeianu, KH Sadejeh, Anas Issa, Zara Marea, Obaid Hosainyaar, Noor Issa.

Press: Haarlems Dagblad.